Osteria Coppa is proud to be a farm-to-table restaurant. We work directly with the farms and growers, sourcing over 95% of our produce from local, Bay Area farms. We believe in this approach because it protects the nutritional value of the food when it doesn't have to travel long distances, it uses fewer resources and is kinder to our environment. It's important to us to serve food that is organic and in season, so that we can provide you with the best ingredients possible. You can learn more about our farm-to-table approach in this video (less than two minutes long):

photos courtesy of Tomatero Farm

Here are some of the farms that we work with:
County Line Harvest
Dirty Girl Produce
Freewheelin' Farm
Full Belly Farm
Guisti Farm
Guru Ram Das
Happy Boy Farms
Heirloom Organics
Hidden Star Orchards
Knoll Farm
La Tercera
Mariquita Farm
Riverdog Farm
Star Route Farms
Tomatero Farm

photo courtesy of Riverdog Farm

photo courtesy of Riverdog Farm