Executive Chef Chanan Kamen

Chef Chanan plating roasted quail Chef Chanan Kamen making pasta by hand at Osteria Coppa
Chef Chanan Kamen of Osteria Coppa

As executive chef of Osteria Coppa, rising star Chanan Kamen combines his culinary pedigree with his talent and passion to produce a fresh take on traditional Italian cuisine.  Prepared “with an Italian heart”, his modern Italian dishes utilize time-honored techniques, while incorporating his own innovative flavor combinations, always inspired by fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Passionately pursuing his culinary dreams, Kamen has immersed himself in top kitchens throughout the world, working at seven restaurants in Italy, in seven different regions, each of which bears a minimum of one Michelin star.  Notable dining destinations include La Ciau del Tornavento, Quattro Passi, and Lido Lido.  Following his travels, he relocated to San Francisco in order to further hone his skills in one of the United States’ culinary capitals.

Kamen’s culinary resume includes a substantial stint as an opening member of San Francisco’s highly esteemed, Michelin-starred Quince restaurant, where he worked for five years.  He rapidly ascended to the respected role of executive sous chef, producing pastas that earned top accolades and rave reviews.  Prior to Quince, Kamen spent a year working at Traci des Jardin’s highly acclaimed Jardinere restaurant, and also worked at premier New York restaurants Picholine and Tabla.

Kamen’s culinary career began after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant management, working in every aspect of hotel food service, and then graduating with a Culinary Arts degree from Johnson and Wales, Miami.

For his menu at Osteria Coppa, Chanan is inspired by the ingredients he hand selects from purveyors and local farmers markets, tapping his close relationships to obtain the finest seasonal ingredients.  Underscoring his pursuit of pure flavor and his desire to offer his guests the highest possible quality food, Kamen and his team cure their own salumi in house, handcraft pasta in small batches, and prepare house-made pizza to order using a finely tuned stone Marsal oven.  All of Kamen’s dishes reflect the diverse bounty of fresh vegetables, fruits, and artisanal products available in the region.

At Osteria Coppa, Kamen looks forward to demonstrating his profound commitment to culinary excellence.  His goal is to honor and further the legacy established by the Bay area as home to some of the world’s most respected chefs and restaurateurs.